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Jugglemail℠ is an Email Marketing, CRM, Website platform. A cloud solution for the entrepreneurs for the life of their businesses. The typical business will start with a website, a shopping cart and email marketing solution. As the company matures and sales team grows it will look for a CRM, a ticketing support system, landing pages, sales funnels, SMS. MMS marketing, surveys, blog, content marketing and project management. Jugglemail℠  can be a singular solution for all the above.

More impressively you can juggle multiple projects, teams, events, businesses all from one account.

Top 10 Jugglemail Alternates

  1. Email Marketing Software - Mailchimp, Awebber, Constant Contact  or Jugglemail℠.
  2. CRM Software - Salesforce, Zoho, Act!, Hubspot, Infusionsoft or Jugglemail℠.
  3. Website Platform - Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace or Jugglemail℠.
  4. Blog Platform - Wordpress, Typepad, Ghost or Jugglemail℠.
  5. Landing Page / Sales Funnel - ClickFunnels, instapage or Jugglemail℠.
  6. Text Message Marketing -Slicktext, SimpleTexting or Jugglemail℠.
  7. Ticketing Support System - Zendesk,Supportbee or Jugglemail℠.
  8. Online Survey - Survey Monkey, SurveyGizmo or Jugglemail℠.
  9. Online Booking - youcanbookme, SimplyBookMe or Jugglemail℠.
  10. Membership Sites - Memberworks, Wild Apricot, EasyMemberpro or Jugglemail℠.

Jugglemail can fill in the gaps based on your preferences. You can use all or selective services when building your projects out on Jugglemail. It's up to you, your team and resources.

For example, Wordpress is such a popular platform with great templates it's hard to break away from. Often clients come to us for email markeing and CRM as they build up their sales force. They embed the opt-in scripts or whatever they need  into their own sites. 

Jugglemail is an Email Marketing, CRM, Website platform. Jugglemail isa DBA of KMG Incorporated.

Jugglemail is associated with Kamatoy Media Group, and the founders sites, DavidKamatoy,guru, and the Show. 

For more information, please contact us via email by clicking below. 


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