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Plan Contacts Included Messages Included Monthly Subscription
Starter 1,000 Unlimited $149.00/month
Premium 3,000 Unlimited $169.00/month
Enterprise 5,000 Unlimited $199.00/month
Powerhouse 7,500 Unlimited $250.00/month
Franchise 10,000 Unlimited $299.00/month
Magnificent 25,000 Unlimited $449.00/month
Ultimate 50,000 Unlimited $499.00/month


Pay As You Go ( $14.95 USD/month or $99.95 USD/year)

Store as many contacts as you would like.

Buy Stamps to send messages (1 stamp = 1 email or SMS message to one recipient)

Stamps Pre-Paid Price Price/Message
300 $10.00 $0.03 USD
1,000 $30.00 $0.03 USD
10,000 $200.00 $0.02 USD
50,000 $500.00 $0.01 USD
200,000 $1,000.00 $0.01 USD
Note: stamps do not expire

Beyond 50,000 contacts, your subscription only increases by 0.50 cents/contact ($ 0.005/contact).

If you collect an event payment or sell an item through your store, your transaction fee is only 49 cents ($0.49), in addition to Paypal's fee, which is usually about 30 cents + 3% of the transaction amount).

Every account includes 100MB of storage in your Media Library. If you want to store more than 100MB of files and images in your Media Library, the monthly charge is only 20 cents/MB ($0.20/MB).

Your account includes 1000 pageviews of website tracking for free. After that, it's only $5.00/1000 pageviews.

* Note that for contact-based pricing plans, we do not charge for unsubscribed or bounced contacts


We offer  full-service management of accounts or consulting time. We know that working within any system there is a learning curve involved.  Most of the time we can easily get you up and running within a few hours. 

Hourly rates range from $25-$100 an hour,  based on expertise, availabilty and project. 

To get the most out of Jugglemail, we suggest starting with a simple $300.00 set up fee to get the ball rolling. 

Which can include...

  • Strategic Planning Consultation
  • Importing of Databases
  • Initial Autoresponder Creation
  • Copy Writing and Editing
  • Email or Press Release Copy Writing
  • Simple Customized Email Set Up

Contactus for more information by emailing here.

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