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As your business grows, you typically need multiple online services and tools: a website, email marketing system, a CRM, etc. Typically this means multiple platforms. If you juggle multiple projects, then it gets even more infuriating.

Jugglemail’s features allow you to keep many of the tools you need on one platform. Additionally, you can integrate Jugglemail into existing website platforms.

Top Ten Features

  1. Email Marketing 
  2. CRM
  3. Booking and Event Calendar and Manager
  4. Landing Pages
  5. Website Platform
  6. Membership
  7. Surveys
  8. Ticketing System
  9. Text Marketing Add On
  10. Collaboration

#1 Email Marketing is an alternative to Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Aweber, etc.

Jugglemail is an email marketing system at its core. So anything that you can imagine or that you want to model in email marketing (White Hat), is possible. This includes:

  • Broadcast Emails
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Analytics, Tracking
  • Auto-Responders 
  • Scalable hundreds to millions of emails

Typically an email marketing system is the first step in E-marketing. A bigger and more qualified database helps build your business. 

Real-World Email Marketing Strategies for You

  • Email Marketing Newsletter - Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
  • Networking Email of Introduction or Sales Email.
  • Automated Drip Campaigns
  • Opt-In Reward Offers delivering Free Reports and White Papers.

Imagine that you send out a great email newsletter every month offering entertaining, informational updates about you and your projects. You meet a new person online, in person or maybe they opt-in for a free report, adding them to your jugglemail email database. They automatically are sent a letter of introduction, thanking them for connecting with you and letting them know about you and your business and allowing them to connect with you personally. 

You could design a drip email marketing system that checks in with the people in your database. This could be pre-built to be sent out over a 3-month to 12-month period, automating your email and creating top of mind awareness.

Important: charges you based on the size of your database, not the number of emails that you send. This means no worries about how many times you connect with your database each month!

#2 CRM Customer Relationship Manager is an alternative to Salesforce, Infusionsoft 

The CRM Customer Relationship Manager is integrated with your Email Marketing System. It not only can include the basic information like Name, Email, Address, Website, Phone # but also multiple customizable fields based on your specific project or industry. 

The way a CRM differs from a simple email program like Gmail or Outlook is that activity, proposals, invoices and communications can be noted and then shared with your multiple team members: Sales Teams, Associates, Administration, Accounting, etc. is cloud-based, so your team members can work from anywhere there is an internet connection and a computer. is perfect for building your business in the Covid-19 New Normal.

In the age of Social Media there is a lot of attention given to the number of followers on Social Media. While this is impressive and important, converting that social media following into an actual database is where true value is created for you and your business. And remember you do not own these social media online accounts; they can be deleted, blocked or locked at any time, often without recourse.

#3 Booking and Event Calendar Manager is an alternative to Acuity Scheduling, SimplyBook, etc.

Holding a meeting, a class or a special event, and even creating a booking calendar for appointments, can be managed by The calendars are integrated with the CRM and Email Marketing. 

One of the most important differences is Jugglemail does not limit the number of calendars or groups in your account. Comparative services often charge for the number of calendars you manage. Jugglemail charges primarily on the size of your database. grows with your business; it is brilliantly scalable.

#4 Landing Page Integration is an alternative to Clickfunnels, Instapage, Leadpage, etc.

Landing Pages are often connected to specific campaigns for specific products. They are designed to drive to a specific Call To Action. You can build these Landing pages within the system or integrate the code into an existing website or web page. 

Landing Pages are often the first step to launching a proactive marketing campaign.

While other programs may offer many templates for landing pages, often the landing page is built on another system. Having an integrated website, landing page, CRM, and email system in one platform not only saves you money, but it also helps your website presence by keeping your customers on one single system.

If you need help writing, building or laying out a Landing Page, contact us directly, join us for a Mastermind Call, just hire us, or ask for a referral to help you build a great landing page campaign.

#5 Website Platform is also a website platform. This allows you to build your website, email marketing, CRM, landing page system on the same trackable system. 

The only reason this is not higher on the list is that many of our clients come to us after building an existing website on a popular platform like Wordpress, Typepad or Shopify. So integrating Jugglemail into an existing website and SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is a typical path

One of the challenges we are actively dealing with on Wordpress is actively updating both the platform software and the template. Since it's an open platform, they are constantly bombarded with Hack and Spam Bots. 

We have a number of websites that are both built on and popular sites like Wordpress. 

Using vs. another platform is really based on a case by case basis. For example one of the greatest reasons to build a website on is if you have a Membership-driven community and you want a website to support it.

#6 Membership Site

One way to build a Membership site is to use a Membership Wordpress-based template to work from to customize. However, it also means integrating other platforms and services into the Wordpress platform such as email marketing, event management, CRM, etc. 

Jugglemail is a great option since it integrates the CRM, Email Marketing and Website Platform in the same system. 

#7 Surveys is an alternative to Survey Monkey or Google Forms

Need to do a Survey? Using a service like Survey Monkey or Google Forms is a standard option. can be used to create and launch surveys. Having surveys on the same platform as your email marketing, CRM, and Website is invaluable as all the statistics are available in the same place. 

Pricing: Survey Monkey charges you based on USERS. So the more users you have sending out Surveys, the more you have to pay. Whereas with you pay based on the size of your database, not how many team members you have using your account. 

#8 Ticketing System

A customer service online ticketing service.  If you are looking at needing a ticketing system, it means that your business is growing or systemizing. 

Jugglemail integrates a ticketing system so that you don’t have to use another service.

#9 Text Marketing Integration

Phone Number, Text Marketing Integration is a great next level option if you have a project that can benefit from text marketing or if you want inbound calls to directly connect to your CRM. 

The JuggleMail SMS system works internationally and with almost every carrier.

You can set up a message to be read if someone calls the number you purchase here. Callers can hear either a text-to-speech message read by a computer in a man's or woman's voice, or you can record an MP3 file and place it in your media library.

You can also set up a simple phone tree, where someone can press a button on their phone to hear a message and/or get connected to another phone number (useful for "dial 1 for support, 2 for sales" phone trees).

All inbound and outbound calls are automatically entered in the CRM for the contact calling or being called. "Inbound Call" CRM activities are assigned by default to the account owner, but you can change this, depending on the number pressed or any call route exceptions.

There are  additional industry standard costs in setting up and using a number. It is an optional service. 

#10 Collaboration

Collaborate with users in your database as well as other Jugglemail Members.

You can co-create projects with other users, giving other Jugglemail clients access to groups, lists or projects. Not only can you create business projects together but also learn best practices from each other.

You can share projects with any contact in your account and control what they have access to. 

More importantly you can also


Juggle your business with Jugglemail. 

Jugglemail is set up to grow with you, to scale up as your business grows. Integrate with existing platforms or allow you to build projects specifically on Jugglemail.

If you compare Jugglemail to a program like Mailchimp or Awebber then of  course it costs more, but it also does more. A more fair comparison is Salesforce or Infusionsoft and in comparison our cost is well below those services.



We charge based on the size of your database, not the number of users that are on your team.  You may have a small database of 1000-5000 people on an email list but have 5 people with access to the database. With other systems you’re paying per active team member 5x perhaps $75 a month. 

We are a boutique firm, a small business just like you. It’s one of the ways we can save you money.  As we build out the commercial side of the business we could use your help in building out support and community systems associated with 

To that end we invite you to our Webinars and additionally

Juggle multiple projects with

Additionally, if you are juggling multiple projects you need multiple websites, email lists, events, shopping carts, etc. 

You can control them all from one account, one interface. That’s the power of Jugglemail Membership. 

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